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Ezee e-cigarettes – the easy alternative to smoking

Our mission is to sell you the best e-cigarette in the world. An e-cigarette that look, taste and feels like a real cigarette, but without all the harmful substances. We only sell our own branded products, this way we guarantee you an e-cigarette among the very best in the market when it comes to taste, design and safety.

Disposable and rechargeable E-cigarettes

We simply offer you high quality disposable e-cigarettes and in rechargeable versions. Let us introduce you to our different product brands:

Ezee Go – Disposable e-cigarette in traditional flavors

If you are looking for a simple option or are new to the e-cigarette market, the Ezee Go disposable e-cigarette is perfect for you. It is convenient and easy to use. It arrives fully charged and ready to be used. Ezee Go e-cigarette is containing e-liquid equivalent to approximately 40 regular cigarettes, netting you 400 puffs depending on your smoking style. It’s available in tobacco and menthol flavor with 0, 12 or 20mg of nicotine.

Ezee – Rechargeable version of Ezee Go with disposable cartridges

Ezee’ is our rechargeable e-cigarette. A rechargeable e-cigarette is perfect if you don’t want to toss the battery after use. It also gives you the option to switch between strength and taste in your e-cigarette cartridges. Ezee consist of a rechargeable battery and a cartridge, which are attached to the battery by a thread. The filter refills are disposables, and should be replaced with a new when it’s empty. If you like to save money long term, the filters are cheaper compared to the disposable e-cigarette. It’s available in tobacco and menthol flavor with 0, 12 or 20mg of nicotine.

Ezee Pod e-cigarette – More power more Vape

Ezee Pod e-cigarette comes with a strong 400 mAh battery and are available in many flavors and with nicotine salt. Ezee Pod is very easy to use, you just click the pod into the system and it’s ready. If you are looking for a vape kit which produces more steam and flavor this is the right choice.

Ezee Fun

Ezee Fun are disposable e-cigarettes in many flavors all nicotine free.

Ezee Energy - Caffeine inhaler

Ezee Energy caffeine inhaler uses the same well-proven technology like in our other vaporizer products. It contains Ginseng, Guarana and Taurine. When you need a little extra energy kick.

We never compromise on the quality and safety of our products. Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients are used for the E-liquid. Our products are TPD Compliant in the UK and EU.

All our products are disposables, which means that you never will be in contact with any liquid and don’t have to refill your e-cigarette. This also makes the e-cigarette very convenient and easy to use, especially for elderly people.

How does an Ezee e-cigarette work

Ezee e-cigarette consists of a battery, an atomizer and a filter, which contains the e-juice or liquid. When you inhale on your e-cigarette the atomizer is heating up the e-juice inside the filter. This produces steam, which looks like smoke from a traditional cigarette. With an Ezee e-cigarette you will get the well-known feeling of smoking, but without inhaling any harmful substances.

More benefits of using an electronic cigarette

E-cigarettes are extremely suitable for smoking cessation. With different nicotine strengths to choose from, is it also possible to step down the consumption gradually.

Since e-cigarettes do not contain harmful additives, you will find that your lung function and sense of taste and smell will be improved. Your clothes and fingers will no longer smell or be 'tobacco yellow' - the steam from an e-cigarette is both odourless and colourless. E-cigarettes are also significantly cheaper than regular cigarettes, which therefore can save you a lot of money by replacing the tobacco smoke with vaping. Exactly how much money you can save depends on your usage. An Ezee Go contains approx. 400 puffs, depending on your smoking style. This corresponds to approx. 40 normal cigarettes. The price of Ezee Go is as low as. 4.99 USD.

As former smokers, we are far from anti-smokers. We simply want to help as many people as possible to quit the harmful smoking.

Welcome here at Ezee e-cigarettes. We hope you find just the e-cigarette that fits you and your needs. If you have any questions about our products, we are ready to help you. Just use our contact form on our website.